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With the holidays approaching, we hope to make a difference in our Mzuzu City’s communities by participating in a city-wide food and clothing donation drive. By donating adult’s and children’s clothes, books, toys, perishable and non-perishable items such as grains, flour, beans, soaps, salt, sugar and other grocery items, we can make a big impact!


These items of clothing along with the perishable and non-perishable goods will benefit struggling families and those most affected by the increased prices of basic goods and most especially staple food items across the region. Moving forward with the motto “it has to start with us,” we believe that with the help of everyone, we can show our love and support for those most in need during this holiday season and beyond.


That being said we have identified and secured Shoprite Mzuzu Mall’s parking space as a collection point for easy access for Mzuzu’s citizens to participate in this charitable cause (spread over two weekends). The proposed weekends are scheduled for the 15th to 16th  and 22nd to 23rd December respectively. We write to you seeking your kind support towards this donation drive. Any support will go a long way towards our goal of reaching out to 250 households this holiday season.


Together we can make a difference in the lives of those in need in our local community and we are very hopeful that you will extend your generous support towards this initiative in making our work as a charitable non-profit organisation a great success. Find out here how you can participate in this donation drive.

You can also download an official pdf copy of this publication here.


Ethan’s Voice Foundation (EVF) presents our first ANNUAL FAMILY FUN DAY FUNDRAISING event at the immaculate SPRINGS PARK in Mzuzu. 


With our work on school surveys, malaria education and prevention, we will be raising funds to support our work with children and their families living in some of the most mosquito-infested urban-rural communities around our city.

All proceeds will go to Ethan’s Voice Foundation with all donated pre-loved clothes, shoes, books and toys going to Mzuzu Central Hospital’s Physiotherapy Children's Department.


We cordially invite you to come and experience the most amazing fun day in the beautiful green city of Mzuzu and help support your local community initiative in making our work as a non-profit organisation along with this event a great success. See you there!


More details about the event and how you can get involved can be found here.

Events - 19/07/2023


Take a look at this article by the UK's leading malaria charity, Malaria No More UK on our story and our work so far. You can see it here on their amazing website where you can also find the historic progress they are making towards the vision of a world without malaria.

Updates - 28/07/2023


A survey on family practices related to children's growth and development and on household coverage and possession of mosquito nets in school children living in malaria hotspots.

Updates - 31/5/2023


#WorldMalariaDay serves as a reminder that by working together, we have the ability to eradicate malaria. 


News - 25/04/2023


Extreme weather events in Malawi and Pakistan have driven "very sharp" rises in malaria infections and deaths, a global health chief said ahead of World Malaria Day on 25 April.

News - 24/04/2023


One week to go until #WorldMalariaDay! This year’s theme is #TimeToDeliverZeroMalaria. If we invest in malaria control, innovate new tools, and implement sustainable approaches, together we can #EndMalaria

News - 18/04/2023


A survey on family practices related to children's growth and development and on household coverage and possession of mosquito nets in school children living in malaria hotspots. Download our latest survey it only takes 3-5 minutes to complete.

Events - 17/04/2023

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