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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead


Our human resource consists of staff members, ambassadors and volunteers that help bring Ethan’s Voice Foundation as an NGO to be more active in local projects and add value towards participating in future international projects.


Every individual involved in the organization either has the passion, the skills and/or the expertise needed to take part in activities aimed at fighting and eliminating malaria in our communities. 

The organization consists of decision makers who focus on developing relevant and innovative approaches to combat malaria through local, national and international initiatives. Meet some of our key members who focus on the organization’s project and policy development, research, community engagement, fundraising, information and communications.


Nandi Paul Kachapila

Director, Operations and Communications

An advocate for better healthcare outcomes for children, Nandi has experienced first-hand the devastation and the burden caused by severe malaria on children and their families. Moved and inspired by the untimely loss of his son to malaria, he has dedicated his life's work to combating and campaigning to end malaria child deaths in his beloved homeland. He brings to EVF experience from working in various health and social work settings during his time in Eastern Europe.


Beverley Bhima

Project Development and Resource Manager

A prolific planner and project developer, a graduate from the University of Eastern Africa, Kenya, Beverley holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Having spent the last six years in various project management roles,  Beverley brings to EVF indispensable expertise and experience in planning and implementing community based projects in immunizations, nutrition, malaria and non-communicable diseases.


Chifundo Linda Banda

Project Lead, Nutrition & Community-Based Rehabilitation

An accomplished physiotherapist with over 7 years of professional experience, Chifundo holds a bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (Honours) from the esteemed University of Malawi College of Medicine. Physical Therapy management of malaria plays a key role in recognizing the signs and symptoms of malaria, its treatment and recovery. She has committed to EVF her vast array of skills and experience in research, training, designing and implementing community-based rehabilitation on neurodisability and motor function for children with severe and cerebral malaria.


Dr. Saran M Touré

Fundraising and Partnerships

A true believer in "needing focused efforts" to get rid of malaria, Saran has a proven track record in research and development. Along with her broad experience in international fundraising projects, she brings years of expertise in taking ideas to market as well as identifying and building strong strategic relationships with key partners and cross functional stakeholders.

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