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"Every child has a dream. At Ethan’s Voice Foundation we envision a child attaining their potential life, where every child has the right to life, a family life, health and education, play and recreation, along with the right to survive and develop."

Nandi Paul Kachapila, Founder. 

To mobilize and manage the resources required in order to achieve malaria prevention, control, and eradication in low-resourced communities.

To establish malaria control centres that will serve to offer first-line intervention and support programs.

We invite you to join in with us on this journey of ending malaria for good in our time! From corporate partnerships, individual fundraisers to volunteering in our community projects. Find out how you can get involved and do your part to make a change.

With your support, we are empowered to mobilize the leadership, partnerships and the financing needed to end malaria in Malawi for good. Find out how you can make a small donation that makes the biggest difference. 

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